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Deutschland Über Alles

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    Deutschland Über Alles is a guild that is new to the US servers and is expected to thrive with ease. Anyone with questions can contact Voronov over the site, or to Vladstyke in-game. The Charter was founded 20100614 and is still waiting to be fully completed. 

    Our Structure in Deutschland Über Alles follows our three branches. Raiding, PvP, and Leveling. These three positions are still waiting to be filled, and with a well formed resume, and commitment, you could be able to assume one of these positions, meaning that it would be your responsibility to uphold any questions in any of these areas, as well as control the members that decide that their place is among the area of your proffession. 

    Raiding: Your job as the raiding kommander is to organize, take part in, and control all raiding that goes on within the guild, meaning that a raid can (and will not, without the supervision or approval of the Kaiser) not take place without your assistance and provisioned planning. Any raid conducted by a guild member that does less than perfect could be perceived as a flaw in the guild entirely. It is your job to make sure this does not happen. 

    PvP: Your job as the PvP kommander is to assist new-coming pvper's, help organize arena teams, and to conduct guild-wide pvp groups whether it be in the battlegrounds or clearing out a contested area of Horde that have been known to prey on lower level Alliance. (Or the opposite way around, given the faction of DUA that you are in.)

    Leveling: The Leveling Kommander's job is to assist lower levels in the tips and tricks of getting to the level cap. The leveling kommander can plan instance runs for the lower levels to join into, in order to make sure that only the best gear is distributed to our up and coming raiders. It IS NOT only the leveling kommander's job to assist these leveling players, but a duty as a member of DUA to assist the lower levels when you're not busy.

    Horde DUA Leader: This job is arguably the most important to sign up for. You MUST be Horde, and must have people skills, and extraordinary leadership skills. Your job is to be the Guild Master for Deutschland Über Alles for the Horde. This job will not only need a resume, but extensive communication between the Alliance DUA Guild master. Deutschland Über Alles is not a faction specific guild, we do not descriminate. Any PvP between DUA members is STRICTLY for enjoyment and sport.


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